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Are you feeling your age? Have those annoying niggles become your daily companion? Have you suffered an injury at work, hurt your neck in a car accident, or rolled your ankle playing sport on the weekend? No matter what it is that has made you seek physiotherapy treatment or whether you are young or old, let a Move Well Physiotherapist start you on the right path to full pain-free function.

You’ll be in good hands!


 Why see a Move Well Physiotherapist?

1Firstly, chances are we have a clinic near you. Move Well currently operates 16 clinics in Perth, with the recent addition of the Pearsall, Kinross and Joondalup Gate Clinics.

2Secondly, we are very good at what we do. Move Well Physiotherapists provide excellent patient care through high clinical and professional standards and exceptional customer service. Ongoing research into physiotherapy clinical practice and technology have facilitated significant advances in physiotherapy. However, implementing these advances into private practice and providing superior clinical services is often beyond the expertise and economic viability of an individual physiotherapy clinic. Move Well Physiotherapists regularly update their knowledge and skills by attending group training sessions and attending courses accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

3Thirdly, we offer a variety of services so once we have assessed your problem we can identify the best way to solve it. No two problems are ever the same. Move Well’s network of clinics collectively provide a comprehensive range of specialised physiotherapy services including manipulative therapy, sports physiotherapy, real-time ultrasound imaging, exercise prescription services, dry needling, hydrotherapy, Pilates and occupational health services.

4Fourthly, we have been doing this for a long time. The directors and management of Move Well have been operating physiotherapy and rehabilitation services in Australia for over 25 years. Every clinic manager is also an owner, so we put our heart and soul into what we do. You can read a bit more about us below.
We can assess your problem, treat your problem, educate you about your problem, and rehabilitate your problem. And we do all of these things well.

Let Move Well help you to move well. You’ll be in good hands



Felicity Kermode

Clinical Director

Felicity is the Clinical Director of Move Well Physiotherapy and teaches the clinical components of the Professional Development Program that all Move Well Physiotherapists complete. Felicity has post graduate degrees in both Sports and Manipulative Physiotherapy and regularly presents physiotherapy courses overseas, teaching physiotherapy skills that she has developed over 25 years working in the profession.

Peter Owens

Managing Director

Peter graduated as a physiotherapist in 1986 and completed a Masters in Business Administration in 1993. Peter has over 25 years experience in private physiotherapy practices throughout Australia and is Move Well’s Managing Director.


Gavin Kerruish

General Manager

Gavin has both a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) and is the Managing Partner at Arena Joondalup Physiotherapy and is a partner at Belridge Physiotherapy and Joondalup Gate Physiotherapy. Gavin is also the Senior Physiotherapist for the West Perth Football Club and has a strong association with the Arena Swim Club. Gavin maintains a keen interest in, not only football, but all sports, and is now also the General Manager of Move Well.

Ben Gabrovec


Ben completed his B.Sc (Physio) at Curtin University and has been the Managing Partner at Quinns Physiotherapy since 2007. In that time he has opened 5 new Physiotherapy clinics in the area with  Ocean Keys Physiotherapy,  Pearsall, Hocking, Kinross and Currambine Physiotherapy establishing them as the number one providers of Physiotherapy care in the northern corridor of Perth. Clinically his main interests include cervical and lumbar pain. Outside of work he loves his sports and his dog, Wilco. Always wanting to contribute to his local community he is a volunteer Physiotherapist for his childhood football club, Kingsley.

Emily Whiting


Emily is a partner at Warwick Physiotherapy and Duncraig Physiotherapy and Pilates, which has recently been added to Move Well’s group of practices. Emily completed her Physiotherapy course at Curtin University. She is working at Warwick Physiotherapy at the moment. Emily enjoys most sports, particularly swimming and has interests in the treatment of acute musculo-skeletal injuries and spinal pain.

Kate Elphick


Kate is a partner at Beaumaris Physiotherapy. Kate has a special interest in the treatment of lumbo-pelvic related pain and dysfunction. This is often diagnosed as non-specific low back pain. The most common causes are trauma – e.g. heavy landing onto the bottom or hip, motor vehicle accidents with heavy braking, childbirth and muscle imbalances of the muscles in and around the back, hip and groin e.g. weakness or tightness. Kate has been successfully treating patients for over 15 years with a combination of physiotherapy and Canadian Osteopathic skills.

Blake Sutcliffe


Blake is a partner at Beaumaris Physiotherapy. Blake is a physiotherapist who is actively involved in sport at both a social and elite level. He plays social basketball with other Move Well Physiotherapists but is also a representative underwater hockey player at State and National level. Needless to say he also has an interest in swimming injuries.

Matt Affleck


Matt is a partner at the Move Well Physiotherapy Melville and Move Well Physiotherapy Wembley Clinics. Matt is a Curtin trained Physiotherapist working in Move Well’s Melville Practice. Clinical interests include shoulder injuries/rehabilitation, lower back injuries, real time ultrasound imaging and core stabilisation training as well as other sporting injuries. Outside interests include water polo, swimming and surfing.

Nathan Cliff


Nathan graduated in 1998 and has a wealth of experience, having spent 7 years as the Senior Physiotherapist for the London Met Police. His return to Perth saw him hired by Move Well to take on that role at the Belridge Physiotherapy Centre, where he is now a Partner. Nathan has a strong sporting background, having played for WA in U19s Soccer as well as a successful junior career in Surf Lifesaving, including State titles in beach sprints. His experience is broad in all areas of Physiotherapy, with knee injuries and rehabilitation being a particular specialty. Nathan is also a managing partner at Marmion Physiotherapy Clinic and the most recently co-founded the Move Well Joondalup Gate Physiotherapy Clinic.

Adam Spiroff


    Adam is a partner at Central Physio Bayswater and is well qualified in a variety of areas and has completed his Certificate III and IV in fitness, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation and Sports Science
    and a Masters in Physiotherapy at Curtin University. This enables him to have a thorough understanding of the human body and many of the musculoskeletal, biomechanical and health aspects associated with it.Adam has a huge passion for health and fitness and has been involved in the health industry for numerous years as well as having an extensive background in Australian Rules. He has a keen desire to remain ‘fit and healthy’ by completing numerous gym and yoga sessions and maintaining a health diet.

    Tom Edwards


      Tom is a valuable asset to the Move Forward team as the Managing partner of our Butler, Gateway and Kinross Clinic. After spending some years providing physiotherapy services in the local community, he is elated to continue to be a presence in our newest clinics in the northern suburbs. He has a keen interest in an array of musculoskeletal conditions with particular interest in the ‘everyday’ injury, back and neck pain that keeps us from our hobbies and work. He loves working with you to get you back to what you love quickly, combining manual therapy and dry needling with exercise rehabilitative strategies. His interest in sports has led him to work with the Wanneroo amateur Football, Rugby and Soccer teams. His sporting interests outside of work include Rugby, Martial arts, Soccer and Golf. On top of being a partner Tom is also the Client Relationship Officer for Move Forward Physiotherapy making sure we deliver the highest quality service possible to all of our valued patients!

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