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Understanding Tendinopathy – Part 3

Understanding Tendinopathy – Part 3


Understanding Tendinopathy – Part 3: Lower Limb Tendinopathies


70% of Achilles Tendons that rupture have been completely asymptomatic prior to rupture. So if your tendon is sore you have a decreased chance of rupture.

  • For insertional tendinopathies, reduce compression ASAP.
  • 4cm heel raise until pain is under control then gradually decrease this.

Achilles Tendon Risk Factors

1. AGE: The peak age for Achilles tendon rupture is ages between 30 – 40
2. SEX: Achilles Tendon rupture is up to 5 times more likely to occur in men than women
3. SPORTS: Achilles Tendon injuries occur more often during sports that involve running, jumping, and sudden start stops like hockey

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