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Understanding Tendinopathy – Part 2

Understanding Tendinopathy – Part 2


Understanding Tendinopathy – Part 2

What are the symptoms of Tendinopathy

1) Specific pain on the tendon itself
2) Pain during and/or after an activity
3) Pain and stiffness in the tendon during the night or in the morning when you wake up
4) Area may be tender, warm or even swollen


Why is it important to follow a rehabilitation program?

It is essential to follow a well-designed tendinopathy rehabilitation program set out by your physiotherapist as mismanagement often results in a prolonged recovery process.

A tendinopathy may take anywhere between 6-9 months to fully recover even when you follow the program religiously.
The aim of your program will be to regain all strength and fitness that has been lost while your tendinopathy has been restricting your daily activities.

Your Move Well physiotherapist will prescribe a full body rehabilitation program to retrain your proprioception,balance and any muscle weakness that you may have.

Move Well physiotherapists can assist in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation from tendon associated injuries like Tennis elbow &  Golfers elbow plus Patellar, Achilles and Plantar fascia problems.

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