Ridgeway Method

Ridgway Method


Ridgway Method is an innovative, unique, advanced assessment process that evaluates all the possible contributing factors to your condition. Unlike traditional physiotherapy that generally investigates the area of pain and dysfunction and areas of the body that may directly influence this pain or dysfunction, the Ridgway Method assessment screens the whole body, so no important factors are missed.

As the Ridgway Method (RM) is so thorough, it may take several sessions with your physiotherapist until the Primary Contributing Factor can be identified. This thorough assessment allows all the contributing factors to be addressed and reassessed until the most significant (the Primary Contributing Factor) can be determined. The fastest and most complete way to solve your condition is to immediately change and resolve all the significant factors.

RM is tailored care for each individual condition, helping clients who are motivated for fast and long term results.
Only Ridgway Certified Practitioners are trained in this thorough, holistic assessment process. Move Well Beaumaris Physiotherapy  (see bottom of page) has one of only a handful of Ridgway Method Certified Practitioners in Perth who can help you today.


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